Single carrier block transmission in ultra-wideband communications




Wang, Yue

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In this thesis, single carrier block transmission with frequency-domain equalization (SC-FDE) is proposed as an alternative physical layer solution for IEEE 802.15.3a Ultra¬wideband (UWB) communications to meet the high data rate and low complexity requirement. The performance of SC-FDE over UWB channels are analyzed, simulated and compared to that of the two currently existing physical layer solutions: the single carrier UWB using the direct-sequence (DS) technology and the multiband UWB utilizing the orthogonal frequency division complexing (OFDM). We show the superiority of SC-FDE over both IR-UWB and OFDM-UWB, especially when implementation issues such as low complexity and low power consumption are taken into consideration. Based on the proposed SC-FDE UWB, novel schemes are carried out to address the physical layer design issues. A low complexity frequency-domain channel estimation scheme is proposed. A novel time division multiple access (TDMA) scheme is proposed for high-speed SC-FDE UWB to address the multiple access issue. Furthermore, a novel transmitter pulse shaping design method is proposed to fit the FCC mask and introduce spectral nulls at the interference frequency band to limit the narrow band interference (NBI). In addition, the effects of imperfect channel estimation, carrier frequency offset (CFO) and sampling timing offset (STO) on the performance of SC-FDE over UWB channels are also investigated.



ultra-wideband devices, wireless communication systems