Indigenous Education and Residential Schools: 1867-1910




Shipley, Samuel

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This study compiles data from the “Indian Affairs Annual Reports 1864-1990” section of Library and Archives Canada and, using the data, approaches the topic of the indigenous schooling system in the 19th and 20th century. The study examines the shift that occurred in the funding of these schools from the band to the government, and the effects of said shift. The study also examines the various other factors that affected attendance, such as teacher salary and church involvement. The study concludes that a shift did indeed occur, with the most prominent effects being an increase in the teacher salary and student attendance. However, by far the most influential factor in student attendance was teacher salary. The study proposes that future research could more closely examine the long-term effects of the funding shift, as it hypothesizes that diminished influence from the band would lead to more prominent assimilation attempts by the government.



Indigenous, Education, Schooling, Residential Schools, Assimilation, Indian, Indian Act, Canada, History