Performance analysis of P2MP hybrid FSO/RF network




Ansari, Yaseen Akbar

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Free space optics (FSO) technology is proving to be an exceptionally beneficial supplement to conventional Fiber Optics and radio frequency (RF) links. FSO and RF links are greatly affected by atmospheric conditions. Hybrid FSO/RF systems have emerged as a promising solution for high data rate wireless communication. FSO technology can be used effectively in multi-user scenarios to support Point-to-Multi-Point (P2MP) networks. In this work we present and analyse a P2MP Hybrid FSO/RF network that uses a number of FSO links for data transmission from the central node to different remote nodes of the network. A common backup RF link is used by the central node to transmit data to any of the remote nodes in case of failure of any FSO links. Each remote node is assigned a transmit buffer at the central node for the downlink transmission. We deploy a non-equal priority protocol and p-persistent strategy for nodes accessing the RF link and consider the back up RF transmission link with lower frame transmission rates as compared to the FSO link. Under different atmospheric conditions, we also study various performance metrics of the network. We study the throughput from the central node to the remote nodes individually as well as the following: the average transmit buffer size, the frame queuing delay in the transmit buffers, the efficiency of the queuing systems and the frame loss probability.



Hybrid FSO/RF, Monte Carlo method, p-persistent, P2MP, FSO