Distributed multi-source regular path queries




Shoaran, Maryam

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Regular path queries are the building block of almost any mechanism for querying semistructured data. Despite the fact that the main applications of such data are distributed, there are only few works dealing with distributed evaluation of regular path queries. In this thesis we present a message-efficient and truly distributed algorithm for computing the answer to regular path queries in a multi-source semistructured database setting. Our algorithm has several desirable properties. First, it is general as it works for the larger class of weighted regular path queries on weighted semistructured databases. Second, it performs a progressive evaluation, that is, partial answers can be represented to the user as soon as they are computed while she is waiting for new answers to arrive. Third, the proposed algorithm is symmetric among processes, i.e., they all run the same algorithm. And finally, it does not need a separate termination detection algorithm as it can detect the global termination simply by using an spanning tree.



Regular path queries, Algorithms, Databases