Creative Pedagogies Across the Child and Youth Care Undergraduate Program




Cassidy, Elise

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The School of Child and Youth Care (SCYC) is currently undergoing a process of renewing the undergraduate curriculum in order to be increasingly responsive to multiple, complex contexts within the 21st century. Within the dynamic contexts of contemporary practice, the important role of creativity is increasingly being recognized. Creative and innovative pedagogies – which may include for example, arts-based, wellness-based, metaphorical, narrative, embodied, imaginative, flexible, or choice-based student engagement – are considerations in the reconceptualization of the SCYC’s curriculum. As a fourth-year undergraduate child and youth care (CYC) student, I have experienced various creative pedagogical approaches in the program. This has led me to wonder, what collective knowings exist in the department about the use of creative pedagogies, involving both teaching and evaluation practices? Using qualitative, exploratory methods, a focus group brought together instructors and faculty who drew upon innovative pedagogical practices in their distance and on-campus classrooms to share their experiences and create a set of recommendations for the SCYC’s Undergraduate Program Council. The research is intended to inform the renewed curriculum to optimize responsiveness to diverse and dynamic contemporary contexts.



creative, pedagogies, child and youth care, curriculum