Uppermost Ordovician through Lower Silurian conodont biostratigraphy of the Cape Phillips Formation, Cornwallis Island, Canadian Arctic Islands




Jowett, David Martyn Stuart

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Lower Silurian conodont biostratigraphy is poorly known and not well correlated with the parallel graptolite biozonation. The Cape Phillips Formation contains a continuous record of sedimentation, and exceptionally well preserved faunas in the unstable shelf region of the Franklinian miogeoclinal succession in the Canadian Arctic Islands and north-west Greenland and affords a rare opportunity to integrate the conodont and graptolite biozonation. Detailed biostratigraphic sampling was completed from the base of the Cape Phillips Formation (Upper Ordovician), over the Ordovician-Silurian boundary, and through the entire Lower Silurian (Llandovery and Wenlock) succession on Cornwallis Island in the Canadian Arctic Islands. A total of 180 4.5 kg, samples were collected, yielding 7,575 conodont elements, from which 59 species representing 29 genera were recognised. One new genus and species are established arom the lower Wenlock. Eleven conodont zones were recognized, 1 of which is new, and 3 of which are modified. Due to the multidisciplinary approach of the fieldwork, the conodont zones are integrated with the detailed graptolite biozonation over the entire interval.



biostratigraphy, conodont zones, Lower Silurian, Cape Phillips Formation, Canadian Arctic, Cornwallis Island