Emergent Literacy Development in Kindergarten: A Focus on Interactive Read-Alouds and Emergent Writing




Hancock, Kelly

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This project focuses on emergent literacy development. The four-part video series I created for parents/guardians of Kindergarten children provides them information about the importance of early literacy development and offers them suggestions about how they can support their children. Topics addressed in the video series include emergent literacy, interactive read-alouds, the importance of drawing in writing development, and the stages of emergent writing. In Chapter 1 of the project I share background information about personal experiences I have had with Kindergarten parents that influenced my topic selection, provide a rationale for the importance of supporting early literacy development, identify curriculum connections, and provide an overview of the project. In Chapter 2 I outline the theoretical and conceptual frameworks that informed the composing of the videos, and review the relevant literature on emergent literacy development, interactive read-alouds, writing development, and writing pedagogy. In Chapter 3 I describe the essential understandings I want parents/guardians to develop for each video, and provide a description of how the literature review informed the content of the video series. I also offer reflections on the process of creating the videos, make recommendations for pedagogy and future research, and reflect on my journey through the Master’s program. The Appendix includes the scripts of the four videos and the references for the images included in the videos.



early literacy development, kindergarten, emergent writing, beginning writing, interactive read-alouds, read-alouds