A framework to assist with the implementation of surgical debriefing




Alcantara, Christine

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A surgical checklist is a tool used to increase safety in the operating room. Checklists are often divided into three parts in order to perform safety checks at different stages of a surgical procedure. Overall, compliance with the use of checklists varies across organizations including the specific checklist components that are implemented. Currently there is greater compliance with the initial parts of the checklist, and dramatically less adherence in the use of the checklist at the end of the surgical procedure. In particular, adherence to the debriefing process is wanting. Informed by Jean Watson's Theory, responsive evaluation methodology, principles of utilizationfocused evaluation, and knowledge developed from a review of the literature on the debriefing component of surgical safety checklists, this project outlines a framework that organizations could use to potentially improve the use of surgical safety checklists during the debriefing process, and highlights the role of an advanced practice nurse as the facilitator of this approach.



surgery, safety, checklist, debriefing, implementation