Getting the Job Done: Understanding Barriers and Enablers to Municipal Climate Action in Greater Victoria




Masemann, Charlotte Emilia

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Municipalities in Greater Victoria are dedicated to climate action and municipal officials deal with both barriers and enablers in implementing climate solutions. Focus groups held with municipal staff members in the thematic areas of buildings and energy, sustainable transportation and solid waste reveal that these barriers and enablers fall into six categories: funding, staffing, legislation/regulation, governance, information, and politics. Focus group participants expressed that they remain firmly enmeshed in the hierarchy of Canadian federalism, with upper levels of government having control over much of the funding and legislative/regulatory powers important for climate action. Three types of instruments are used in climate action: regulations, economic measures and information. The province controls most of the regulations and economic measures, leaving the municipalities of Greater Victoria with inadequate or inappropriate access to both. Political will and information exchange enable existing climate action, but lack of autonomy over the most effective policy instruments was identified as a barrier for municipalities.



Capital Regional District, Buildings and energy, Enabler, Victoria, Municipal, Transportation, Barrier, Waste, Policy, Governance