Encouraging collaboration and reforming professional development through an online community




Thorne, Tracey Lauren

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As technology use continues to increase exponentially, which will affect the future workplace of students, there is a need for teachers to become well-versed in digital education. However, professional development has remained stagnant for many years, and while the content may be beneficial at times, educators are often limited to time and place specific learning. There is insufficient time to learn from others in the same field of teaching. Teachers often feel isolated in their own classrooms because of the demands of the job, and the limited time to correspond with colleagues. Communities of practice, particularly online communities of practice, would allow for educators to connect and collaborate at any time, and anyplace. Through the “Langley Virtual Staffroom” homepage, educators can access a series of grade and subject specific hubs where they can share resources, make connections, and learn from others who have similar grade levels or subject compositions.



community of practice, teacher development, teacher professional development, online professional development, educational technology, virtual online community, inservice teacher education, professional learning community, teacher online collaboration, educator online collaboration, computer collaborative learning