Evaluating the use of the SCALE-UP teaching methodology for an undergraduate database systems course




Wolfe, Elizabeth Jane

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In this study, the majority of sampled undergraduate students recognize the importance of teamwork within the Computer Science discipline. However, a number of students have not had the opportunity to work in teams or, if so, some have had negative experiences with teamwork. Within the context of a database systems course, teamwork is actively supported in the classroom by providing in-class activities that students complete in assigned teams. A pedagogical methodology known as SCALE-UP (Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs) was modified while redeveloping the extant curriculum to satisfy instructor, student and course requirements. The results of the concurrent evaluation surpassed expectations both with regard to course delivery and student perception of teamwork. While this work is primarily exploratory, the results of the evaluation plus recommendations for redeployment are offered in order to encourage further investigation.



pedagogical evaluation, database instruction