Zone and Block Cluster Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocols




Abro, Manzoor Hussain

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A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) supports a wide range of applications, but there are many challenging problems which need to be addressed. The energy consumption of nodes, in terms of extending the network lifetime and the network throughput, are key challenges. In this project, block cluster based routing protocols are implemented and the performance evaluated using MATLAB. The three implemented protocols are Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH), Stable Election Protocol (SEP), and Zone and Energy Threshold (ZET). ZET is a recently proposed block clustering based sensor network routing protocol. This algorithm divides the network area into a number of zones and each zone is called a cluster. After dividing the nodes into zones, ZET calculates the energy efficiency of each node in a zone and selects the cluster head as the node with the highest energy efficiency. Results are presented which show that ZET provides a better network lifetime, network stability, and throughput compared to the LEACH and SEP routing protocols.



Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communications, Routing protocols, zone and cluster routing protocols, networks