Summer Reading Setback




Nault, Laura

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The purpose of this project was to examine how best to prevent the phenomenon known as Summer Reading Setback. In Chapter 1, I introduce my topic, provide a rationale for the project, outline connections to the British Columbia curriculum for Language Arts (British Columbia Ministry of Education, 2016), and provide an overview of the content of the project. The literature review in Chapter 2 features a discussion of related reading theories: bottom-up, top-down, interactive, and transactional. As well, the topics addressed in the literature review include Sumer Reading Setback, reading volume, reading fluency, and reading motivation. Based on the literature review, I created a professional workshop for teachers called “Summer Reading Setback,” which is included in the Appendix. In Chapter 3, I identify connections between the workshop and the theories and research I reviewed in Chapter 2. Finally, I identify some of my key learnings based on the review of the research.



summer reading setback, reading volume, reading fluency, reading motivation, summer reading slide, bottom-up theory, top-down theory, interactive theory, transactional theory