Exploring relational nursing with Canada’s Aboriginal peoples: an integrative literature review




Harry, Lorraine

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Abstract This integrative literature review explores the positive and negative approaches to relational practice in health-care encounters which involves nurses, health professionals and Aboriginal patients. The findings are organized around three major themes. Two themes illustrate a positive relational approach: being present, and being familiar. The third theme, illustrates a negative approach: dishonoring and disempowering behavior. The negative approach appears to be associated with commonly found discourses stemming from colonization, residential-school history and negative assumptions often emerging in health encounters with Aboriginal people(s). The findings from the review highlight the importance for nurses and health-care professionals to employ a positive relational practice to develop therapeutic health encounters between Aboriginal people(s), nurses, and other health-care professionals; this will help to promote the health of Aboriginal people(s). A perceived gap in research in this field leads to recommendations for further research. Key words: Aboriginal, Native, First Nations, Relational, Nursing



Aboriginal, Native, First Nations, Relational, Nursing