Implementation of ACRM in StartPlan




Yu, Kevin
Froese, Thomas M.

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Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering


Computer-integrated Construction (CIC) must rely on the project information being shared among various computer applications used by many project participants. This information sharing is based on the development of AEC information models (Froese 94). To date, the central concepts of the models are sufficiently well developed for testing some of their implementation capabilities in a computer program using a real-world example (Froese and Yu 94). This paper introduces AEC Core Reference Models (ACRM) that combine good features of many currently developed AEC information models and our own opinions about the models. It then presents a computer program, StartPlan, that has been developed based on the ACRM to test their implementation capabilities. The paper also describes a construction project that has been used in StartPlan for the test. The results from the test reveal specific advantages and disadvantages of the ACRM and are believed to be useful to the future development of standard AEC information models.




Yu, K. & Froese, T. (1996). Implementation of ACRM in StartPlan. Published in the Proceedings of the 1996 Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Edmonton, AB.