Using the Lively Web To Create Interactive Web Applications




Dawar, Harsh

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This project presents the design and implementation of a web application called PALTask2.0 using the LivelyWeb programming environment. PALTask2.0 is the next major upgrade to the existing desktop-based version developed at the Rigi Research lab. One of the main motivations for pursuing this project is to demonstrate the capabilities of Lively and to inspire more developers to join and take part in the open source Lively community. Additionally, this report is intended to serve as a user guide, as it focuses on details of this Lively specific implementation. A few notable advantages of using Lively are: applications can be built entirely using a single programming language (i.e., JavaScript), Lively has an built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and source code versioning scheme, and finally Lively applications can be built on the Cloud, thereby eliminating the hassle of deploying and managing web servers. The complete unified solution offered by Lively eases the developer’s workload and helps increase productivity. This report outlines some of the identified weaknesses and lists suggestions to further improve the Lively Web Experience.



Wit.AI, PALTask2.0, Lively Web