Homemade Italianità : Italian foodways in postwar Vancouver




Biagioni, Samuel E.

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Following the Second World War, there was an increase of Italian immigration to Vancouver. Many Italians found their way to Vancouver through informal social networks established by earlier migrants. Once there, Italians turned to those networks to find work, housing, and familiarity. Italians also continued to produce and consume foods in Vancouver in similar ways to Italy. By looking at Vancouver Italian foodways, this thesis seeks to understand how food contributed to Italian Canadian identity. Postwar Italian immigrants brought established cuisines with them to Vancouver. They then actively sought to maintain those food customs. Nevertheless, in order to continue living in Vancouver Italians adapted their livelihoods, familial gender divisions, and the ways they acquired foods. They cooperated with immigrants from other regions of Italy and accepted foods with Italianità (Italianess) when they could not acquire foods from their hometowns. The result was a complicated identity that included social interactions between Italians, as well as a combination of Italian and Canadian foods.



Italian migration, culture, history, food, cultural identity, immigration, Vancouver, Canadian history, gender, foodways, Italy