A prospective cohort study of access to safe drinking water in Malawi: Community dissemination and engagement [calendar]




Dorea, Caetano
Tilley, Elizabeth
Cassivi, Alexandra
Nhlema, Muthi
Carabin, Anne
Kazembe, James
Waygood, Owen

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A prospective cohort study was conducted in Southern Malawi in 2019, as part of a research project completed in 2020. The overall objective of this study was to increase knowledge surrounding access to drinking water and domestic hygiene; this was done through looking at it with a monitoring and assessment perspective. Presenting research findings and engaging with local communities is an integral part of this research project. Results lead to more realistic estimations, suitable intervention recommendations and appropriate responses to needs in view of achieving universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water by 2030, as targeted in the SDGs. The calendars that were designed were distributed in the three communities where fieldwork was conducted in 2019. The chiefs of each community were visited by Dr. Cassivi and a research assistant who also participated in data collection. The general results of the study were shared with the chiefs, followed with informal discussions. Some copies of the calendar were handed to the chief while the rest was distributed to households by our team.



drinking water, Malawi, hygiene, water quality, sanitation, health, Knowledge mobilization (KM / KMb), calendar, Pathways to Impact: Mobilizing Knowledge Fund