A scoping review and thematic analysis of the effects of medical scribes on patients and physicians




Shah, Lisa M

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Objective: To investigate the effects of medical scribes on physician and patient satisfaction, physician burnout, and the educational experience of medical students and residents. Methods: A scoping review was done by searching the databases PubMed, EMBASE, and CINAHL. Google Scholar was searched for grey literature. Relevant studies were analyzed qualitatively. Results: Medical scribes increase physician satisfaction and decrease physician burnout, while having minimal impact on patient satisfaction. The effects of medical scribes on medical student and resident education appear positive in preliminary studies but have not yet been adequately studied. Very few studies of medical scribes have been conducted in Canada. Conclusion: Medical scribes are a promising solution to the growing challenge of physician documentation-related burden fueled by electronic health records and electronic medical records. Studies regarding the impact of medical scribes in Canada are needed. Administrative hurdles to the implementation of medical scribes in Canadian hospitals could be a barrier to pilot studies in Canada.



medical scribe*, physician scribe*, clinical scribe*, scribe*, team documentation, documentation-related burden, physician burnout, physician satisfaction, patient satisfaction, health information system, electronic medical record (EMR), electronic health record (EHR)