Inspiring the adult music learner: focus on adult cello beginners




Yang, Cheng-Chi Vicky

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The purpose of this project was to develop a method book for the adult beginner cello student. This method book was informed by the considerable literature on the adult learner and also by a review of existing cello method books. Providing a framework for the method book was Elliott’s (1995) praxial philosophy, particularly his focus on performance and self-enjoyment in musical interactions. The central aim of the method book is to assist adult cello beginners to play with confidence in a short period of time. Divided into seven chapters, the book incorporates both technical and melodic material, self-helps and reminders for players, and background information on cellists, the development of the cello, and varied genres of cello playing in the 21st century. There is a preface for students and teachers and recommended listening examples.



music education, adult learners, inspiration, motivation, cello, cello beginners, string instrument, method books,