Beyond Legal: A Feminist Intersectional Analysis of the Policy Landscape Shaping Indigenous Women’s Access to Abortion Services in Canada




Miller, Danielle

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This thesis locates proven barriers in access to abortion services for Indigenous women in Canada within the policy landscape. It points to opportunities for policy reform to improve access and ultimately, reproductive justice for this population. Critical policy studies and feminist and intersectionality-based policy analysis theory were used to assess documents determined through background research to form the policy landscape. This extended to their design, text, and implementation. Studied federal-level documents included the Indian Act, the Constitution Act, the Indian Health Policy, the Health Transfer Policy, the Canada Health Act, and the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program. Manitoba was assessed as a case study of provincial-level policy given its high proportion of Indigenous residents and evidenced issues in access for this population. This is research that has not been conducted before. It makes a valuable contribution to the literature at a time in which significant political attention is being paid to the subject of abortion access in Canada and to the federal framework for Indigenous health care.



policy analysis, abortion, reproductive justice, indigenous, indigenous women, feminist intersectional policy analysis, intersectional policy analysis, access to abortion