Three-Phase PWM Schemes and Impacts on Motor Condition Monitoring




Sivakumar, Anish

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University of Victoria


Electric motors are susceptible to various faults over time, compromising their performance and reliability. Common issues include rotor eccentricity, magnet faults, and faults in stator windings such as open circuits and short circuits, as well as overheating. Detecting and monitoring these faults is crucial to prevent costly downtime and equipment damage. Current signature analysis provides a non-intrusive method for detecting abnormalities in motor operation. However, most current monitoring methods are studied and developed using three-phase sinusoidal pulse-width modulation (PWM) to control the power fed to the motor. Different PWM techniques influence factors such as harmonic distortion, torque ripple, efficiency, and motor performance under varying conditions. This project investigates the impact of different three-phase PWM schemes on motor condition monitoring techniques reliant on inverter and motor current data. The study involves simulating various PWM techniques in Simulink and implementing them on a microcontroller.



electrical engineering, motor, inverter, PWM, Simulink, microcontroller