Unified User Interface Development for Cross- Disciplinary Scientific Computing Applications




Shah, Prerak

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In this study, we create a cross-platform unified user interface for general-purpose scientific computing. Our project work is guided by the intention to face the growing importance of scientific computing, especially in the field of geometric computing. Making user visual interfaces has remained a non-trivial task, even with the swift advancement of computational tools and their incorporation into other fields. The ability to combine developer integration features with user accessibility is something that many current systems struggle with. Finding out whether it is possible to create a single user interface that encompasses all of the primary paradigms of scientific computing and allows developers to easily integrate their code bases while still being understandable to users in unrelated professions is the main purpose of this project. In order to achieve this, the suggested user interface solution makes use of the cross-platform compatibility and stability offered by web-based applications. By leveraging a robust ecosystem of TypeScript and JavaScript libraries, the user interface (UI) operates within mainstream browsers and benefits from the stability of browsers such as Chrome. The project also presents a novel strategy utilising an on-site Representational State Transfer (REST) server and tackles the challenging problem of cross-platform functionality. This server is in charge of binary execution, shape conversion (particularly for geometric objects), file storage, and query handling. The ultimate goal is to create a general interface specification protocol and a user interface that can be customised to meet the specific needs of different scientific computing projects, even those that support dynamic components.



Scientific Computing, Geometry, React, TypeScript, Unified User Interface, REST Server, FEM, Finite Element Method, Meshio, Libigl, ThreeJS