Contemporary independent Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) in Córdoba, Argentina 2001-2016: documenting a community of practice




Bessey, Kate

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My premise in this dissertation is that the tradition of independent theatre for young audiences created in Córdoba, Argentina is a worthy community of practice for Applied Theatre study. To provide the much needed documentation of and exposure to this community of practice, and to defend the hypothesis that this community of theatre practice represents a valuable contribution to the Applied Theatre canon, this research project focuses on the following questions: What are the key characteristics of independent theatre for young audiences practice in Córdoba, Argentina between 2001 and 2016? What are the recurring themes and ideas emerging from this community of practice and in circulation among its artists? How are these characteristics, themes and ideas similar to and different from the overall community of independent theatre practice in Córdoba, Argentina during the same period?



applied theatre, independent theatre, self-reflectivity