Arts Immersion: Using the Arts as a Vehicle for Interdisciplinary Learning




Moore, Alyson

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In this paper, I assert that the arts do not need to be supplemental to the instruction of curriculum in other subject areas, as is seen in traditional discipline-based arts education or arts-integration style programs, but rather, like language, the arts can be a medium or vehicle in and through which emergent learning in other areas can occur. In this paper, emergent learning refers to the potential for the learning of interdisciplinary outcomes to happen as a result of the art-making process. This is the model of Arts Immersion, which distinguishes itself from arts integration models by stressing an art form-first model of instruction, rather than a curriculum-first model. In this paper I begin by introducing my topic through a personal narrative. I then provide a critical contextualization for Arts Immersion by surveying both historical and contemporary research. I provide context for my own personal art practice and present images and rationales to support this context. I then return to the personal narrative style to present a collection of narrative inquiry and autoethnographic reflections that share my own personal experiences with Arts Immersion. Finally, I conclude by offering opportunities for further research.



art education, Arts Immersion, art as language, emergent learning, immersive learning