It is like standing up again : the Stó:lō wedding ceremony, identity, revival, and choice




Curry, Melissa M.

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The modern Stó:lō wedding ceremony is the vehicle used to discuss the complex issues of identity, cultural revival, and self-determinism of the Stó:lō. I began my research in the Fraser River Valley, B.C. with the intent to document Stó:lō wedding ceremonies through time. Through the interview process I realized that what was most important to the Stó:lō with whom I spoke were the three themes of Stó:lō-ness (identity), cultural revival, and choice (self-determinism). In this thesis I examine these three themes as they were discussed with me throughout the interviews and as demonstrated in a wedding ceremony I attended. The Stó:lō are striving to achieve self-deteminism and the following work describes and documents some of the thoughts and actions the Stó:lō have and use to control their own lives. By highlighting the words of those Stó:lō with whom I spoke priority is given to their ideas as expressed in the interviews. Through the framing of those ideas, or themes, a picture is constructed of the Stó:lō voice for Stó:lō selfdeterminism.