Nursing experiences of caring for the geriatric person with delirium: an integrated literature review




Mynott, Claudia

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This paper explores the extant quantitative and qualitative knowledge that seeks to understand the nursing experiences of caring for the geriatric person with delirium. A comprehensive literature review was conducted and a synthesis of the results form the conceptual framework for this project. An analysis of common themes reveals that nurses‟ lack adequate knowledge of delirium and that they were frequently unable to recognize delirium. Additionally, attitudes of ageism and organizational culture contributed to these under recognition rates and the provision of adequate care for the geriatric person. The under recognition of delirium predetermined a vulnerability to higher levels of morbidity, institutionalization, and mortality in the older adult. Nurses experienced moral distress, workload stress, the fear of bodily harm, and self- perceived professional inadequacy. The nursing experiences of caring for this population may uncover seminal knowledge that could lead to an increase in delirium recognition rates, enhanced health outcomes for the older adult, and a less stressful work environment for nurses.



nursing experiences, care, geriatric person, delirium, integrated literature review