A Framework for Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in the Elementary Classroom




Lister, Christopher Andrew Paul

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This project focuses on using inquiry-based learning (IBL), supported by the development of specific self-regulated learning (SRL) skills, as a student-centred approach to teaching and learning in grades 4-6.  With many jurisdictions around the world changing their school programs from teacher-centered learning environments to student-centered learning environments, teachers are looking for ways to immerse their learners in more personalized learning environments. This resource was co-created with my colleague Suzanne Bartel and provides a resource for teachers introducing IBL to students that is supported by the development of SRL skills in the learner. The IBL cycle details six critical steps including generating an inquiry question, researching, analyzing and evaluating the research, creating, sharing, and reflecting. Support for the development of SRL skills in the unit is based on Winne and Hadwin’s (1998) four phases of SRL. The project concludes with a reflection on the development of the resource and some further recommendations for educators.



Inquiry-Based Learning, Student-centred Learning, IBL, SRL, Self-Regulated Learning