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Welcome to our collection of learning resources designed for teachers that are grounded in African archaeology. This collection has been designed to help educators in Africa and worldwide to access resources that have been developed by educators and archaeologists in collaboration with local communities. Through these respectful collaborations, we can work to build an understanding of Africa that is rich and valued and begin the process of reconciliation to address the impact of colonization on our lives. As an inherently interdisciplinary field, archaeology’s fascinating subject matter promotes cross-curricular instruction and offers rich potential for problem-based and hands-on learning. The open-access resources in the collection can be freely used to diversify and enrich classroom instruction while addressing wider curricular requirements.


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    Learning From Our Past
    (2023) Balabuch, Allison; Attiogbe, Esther; Stahl, Ann B.; Kwasi, Sampson Attah (trans.)
    This middle school learning resource focuses on the history of livelihoods and lifeways in the Banda District of Ghana, West Africa. Today a rural district in west central Ghana, Banda has long been a crossroads of trade and a place where people from different backgrounds settled and formed communities. The fascinating history of how Banda area people interacted with neighbouring communities, responded to changing climate, and drew on local knowledge and resources to sustain their families comes from studying archaeology, oral histories and textual sources. Among the topics covered in this open-access resource are trade and the effects of global connections on rural life; the science and innovation behind local industries like potting and metallurgy; the role of weaving as a technology that transformed local materials into valued goods; and the range of ways in which people provided for their families through farming, fishing and hunting. The resource combines background information with suggested hands-on activities that support learning. The resource is available in English and in Nafaanra, which is one of several languages spoken in the Banda District.
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