Library Lectures

Library Lectures


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  • Dr. Helene Cazes will present a three-part public lecture series dedicated to UVic Libraries' very special collections.

Recent Submissions

  • Cazes, Hélène (2011-04-01)
    Christopher Plantin (1520-1589) could be presented as the epitome of Renaissance humanist printers. Born in France, exiled in the Low Countries and settled in Antwerp, he lived at the crossroads of religions and national ...
  • Cazes, Hélène (2011-04-01)
    This lecture gives a “guided tour” of a selection of mini-collections within Special Collections: history of medicine, Bibles, discovery of the Americas and Amer-Indian religions, and Aldine editions of modern dictionaries. ...
  • Cazes, Hélène (2011-01-21)
    This overview to the unique “Seghers Collection” will give an idea of the complexity and depth of a collection that gathers the classics of ecclesiastical and philological training and Renaissance and Early Modern books ...

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