Psychometric Properties of the Dutch Version of the Eating Competence Satter Inventory (ecSI 2.0™) in Community Adolescents




Claes, Laurence
Vankerckhoven, Lore
Smits, Dirk
Kiekens, Glenn
Robillard, Christina L.
Stukken, Loes
Luyckx, Koen

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Eating competence can help adolescents navigate their food choices and attitudes toward eating in a healthy and balanced way. In the present study, we investigated the psychometric properties of the Dutch translation of the Eating Competence Satter Inventory 2.0™ (ecSI 2.0™), which was developed to assess eating attitudes and behaviors. A sample of 900 Flemish adolescents completed the ecSI 2.0™ DUTCH and two self-report measures on eating disorder symptoms and identity functioning (i.e., confusion and synthesis). Confirmatory factor analysis confirmed the four-factor structure of the ecSI 2.0™ DUTCH, and the resulting four subscales (i.e., Eating Attitudes, Food Acceptance, Internal Regulation, and Contextual Skills) showed acceptable-to-excellent reliability (αs ranging from 0.69 to 0.91). The ecSI 2.0™ DUTCH also demonstrated scalar invariance across sex and age (<17 years, ≥17 years). Males reported significantly higher ecSI 2.0™ DUTCH scores than females on the four subscales and the total scale. The two age groups did not significantly differ on the ecSI 2.0™ DUTCH scales. Finally, scores on the ecSI 2.0™ DUTCH subscales showed non-significant or small negative correlations with adolescents’ Body Mass Index (BMI), large negative correlations with eating disorder symptoms and identity confusion, and large positive associations with identity synthesis. The Dutch translation of the ecSI 2.0™ is a valid and reliable instrument to assess eating competence skills in male and female adolescents.



eating competence, adolescents, reliability, validity, eating disorders, identity


Claes, L., Vankerckhoven, L., Smits, D., Kiekens, G., Robillard, C. L., Stukken, L., & Luyckx, K. (2023). Psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the Eating Competence Satter Inventory (ECSI 2.0TM) in community adolescents. Nutrients, 15(21), 4531.