Falling Head Test Versus ASTM Standard in Determining Infiltration of Porous Asphalt




Shazad, Fahad

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Porous asphalt has been increasingly used in increased urbanization areas due to its positive environmental aspects. The porous asphalt is used to reduce the amount of runoff from rain water and it also helps to improve the water quality near pavements. Porous asphalt requires maintenance to preserve its effectiveness. A reliable testing method with high repeatability and low error is required to determine the infiltration rate for the porous asphalt. In this project two testing methods, Falling Head Infiltration Device (FHID) and ASTM C1701 Constant Head Infiltration testing, are used to determine the infiltration rate in three samples of porous asphalt of different porosity. For each testing method, a separate device was used to find the method that provides high repeatability and accuracy. Results showed that FHID has high repeatability compared to ASTM C1701 testing method.



ASTM C1701, Porous Asphalt, Falling Head Method