The world of theatre: a grounded theory for the teaching of stagecraft




Barss, Tim

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In this project a grounded theory is developed for the teaching of Stagecraft (technical theatre) in a high school setting. First, the unique Stagecraft program is introduced and the impetus for the research is discussed, including the desire to find a purposeful theoretical framework for the teaching of Stagecraft. Then, various aspects (categories) that should be incorporated into such a Stagecraft theory are identified and described. Ultimately, a grounded theory emerges which utilizes the framework and methodology of Environmental Adult Education within a grounded metaphor of the theatre as 'environment'. The conclusion explores practical application of this grounded theory by applying it to a list of 'obstacles' previously identified by the author in relation to teaching Stagecraft.



theatre, stagecraft, environment, adult education, grounded theory, arts, freire, grounded metaphor, environmental adult education, indiginous perspectives, traditional ecological knowledge, community, action, student directed education, high school, fine arts, gemeinschaft, tsawalk, community leadership, technical theatre