Physical layer network coding for the multi-way relay channel




Hashemitabar, Behnam

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Wireless networks have received considerable attention recently due to the high user demand for wireless services and the emergence of new applications. This thesis focuses on the problem of information dissemination in a class of wireless networks known as the multi-way relay channel. Physical layer network coding is considered to increase the throughput in these networks. First, an algorithm is proposed that increases the full data exchange throughput by 33% compared to traditional routing. This gain arises from providing common knowledge to users and exploiting this knowledge to restrain some users from transmitting. Second, for complex field network coding, a transmission scheme is designed that ensures the receipt of a QAM constellation at the relay. This requires precoding the user symbols to make all possible combinations distinguishable at the relay. Using this approach, the throughput of data exchange is 1/2 symbol per user per channel use. The error performance of both schemes is derived analytically for AWGN channels.



Network coding, Relay channels, Cooperative communication