Selective deactivation of perovskite grain boundaries




Awais, Muhammad
Kundu, Soumya
Zhang, Dongyang
Yeddu, Vishal
Kokaba, Mohammad Reza
Ahmed, Yameen
Zhou, Wen
Dayneko, Sergey
Tan, Furui
Saidaminov, Makhsud I.

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Cell Reports Physical Science


Grain boundaries in perovskites are a major source of degradation in perovskite solar cells. Here, we report selective passivation of perovskite grain boundaries with the aid of biphenyl-containing moieties. We find that biphenyl ligands selectively react with PbI2-rich interfaces but not with perovskite itself. Such targeted defect deactivation of grain boundaries leads to extended radiative recombination lifetime from 1 to 2.7 μs while allowing for efficient charge transfer from grains. The hydrophobic nature of benzene ring present in biphenyl improves the stability of perovskite in direct reaction with water by a factor of 3. The devices, all fabricated in ambient air, show significantly improved reproducibility (17%–21% efficiency) and increased open-circuit voltage of 1.11 V. This work offers a design principle for selective passivation of grain boundaries and chemical stabilization of hybrid structures.



perovskite solar cells, surface passivation, 4-phenylbenzylammonium iodide, biphenyl methylammonium iodide


Awais, M., Kundu, S., Zhang, D., Yeddu, V., Kokaba, M. R., Ahmed, Y., ... Saidaminov, M. I. (2023). Selective deactivation of perovskite grain boundaries. Cell Reports Physical Science, 4(10), 101634.