Walking in multiple worlds: Aboriginal young people’s life work narratives.




Coverdale, Jennifer Lynne

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The experience of the life work journeys of urban Aboriginal young people in Canada is largely unknown. This group faces multiple challenges in entering the labour force from social and economic disparities to cultural discontinuity. This qualitative case study collected stories from urban Aboriginal young people who are in search of meaningful and sustainable work. Using group interviews set within Indigenous sharing circles, 25 youth living in Victoria, British Columbia shared their stories of the supports, challenges and barriers they face in their life work journeys. In collaboration with community partners and knowledge keepers, the stories were reviewed to identify a relational model of life work shared by these young people. Participants identified their relations as their foundational support, and spoke to the role of work, education and culture in their career development. The results have important implications for theory, research and practice regarding counselling and researching with Aboriginal youth.



Aboriginal, Youth, Work Life, Urban Youth, Employment, Career Counselling, Indigenous Methodologies