GridLAB-D: An Agent-Based Simulation Framework for Smart Grids




Chassin, David
Fuller, Jason C.
Djilali, Ned

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Journal of Applied Mathematics


Simulation of smart grid technologies requires a fundamentally new approach to integrated modeling of power systems, energy markets, building technologies, and the plethora of other resources and assets that are becoming part of modern electricity production, delivery, and consumption systems. As a result, the US Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity commissioned the development of a new type of power system simulation tool called GridLAB-D that uses an agent-based approach to simulating smart grids. This paper presents the numerical methods and approach to time-series simulation used by GridLAB-D and reviews applications in power system studies, market design, building control system design, and integration of wind power in a smart grid.




Chassin, D.P., Fuller, J.C., & Djilali, N. (2014). GridLAB-D: An agent-based simulation framework for smart grids. Journal of Applied Mathematics, Vol. 2014, Article ID 492320.