Transformative recommendations on conflict management: prepared for the Rathfredagh Cheshire Home County Limerick, Republic of Ireland




Brandt, Kelly Anne

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This Thesis includes a video which must be viewed using Quicktime or Open Source VLC Media Player. This qualitative social constructivist participatory project produced a DVD of transformative conflict management recommendations for staff of the Rathfredagh Cheshire Home of County Limerick, Ireland. The DVD is meant to empower the staff, prevent conflict escalation, intervene when conflict is present, promote positivity, institute recognition, parallel current Cheshire Ireland conflict management policies, and build relationships among staff and management in this healthcare environment. Qualitative social constructivist and participatory methodologies were used during conversational interviews and audio recordings with management and staff on location at the Rathfredagh Cheshire Home in County Limerick, Republic of Ireland. Ms. Janie Finerty, client and Manager of the Rathfredagh Cheshire Home, collaboratively requested transformative conflict management recommendations through workplace assessment to produce a final transformative conflict management DVD to be viewed by staff. Currently, Rathfredagh does not have in-house transformative procedures to intervene and manage conflict while building relationships among staff. The rationale for this project is a need to produce a visual and intimate transformative in-house conflict management intervention tool for the Rathfredagh staff to ensure conflict does not negatively affect other staff and the vulnerable service users in Rathfredagh. Through production of a DVD as a training tool for conflict management in workplace settings, practical applications of this research may be applied to other workplace environments internationally; however, the application of this specific DVD in other institutions is outside the scope of this project because the DVD is specifically designed for the staff of the Rathfredagh Cheshire Home.



Transformation, Dispute Resolution, Conflict Management, Appreciative Inquiry, Active Listening, Conversational Interview, DVD, Axial Coding, Video, Theme, Cultural Conflict Management, Cross Culture, Irish Culture, Conflict Transformation Theory, Qualitative, Social Constructivist, Participatory