Review: Capripoxvirus Diseases: Current Status and Opportunities for Control




Tuppurainen, E.S.M.
Venter, E.H.
Shisler, J.L.
Gari, G.
Mekonnen, G.A.
Juleff, N.
Lyons, N.A.
De Clercq, K.
Upton, Chris
Bowden, T.R.

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Transboundary and Emerging Diseases


Lumpy skin disease, sheeppox and goatpox are high-impact diseases of domestic ruminants with a devastating effect on cattle, sheep and goat farming industries in endemic regions. In this article, we review the current geographical distribution, economic impact of an outbreak, epidemiology, transmission and immunity of capripoxvirus. The special focus of the article is to scrutinize the use of currently available vaccines to investigate the resource needs and challenges that will have to be overcome to improve disease control and eradication, and progress on the development of safer and more effective vaccines. In addition, field evaluation of the efficacy of the vaccines and the genomic database available for poxviruses are discussed.



lumpy skin disease, sheeppox, goatpox, immunity, control, vaccines


Tuppurainen, E.S.M.; Venter, E.H.; Shisler, J.L. Gari, G.; Mekonnen, G.A.; Juleff, N.; … & Babiuk, L.A. (2017). Review: Capripoxvirus Diseases: Current Status and Opportunities for Control. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 64(3), 729-745. doi: 10.1111/tbed.12444