À la recherche de Martin Winckler dans son écriture




Aldrich-Wikkerink, Karen Elinor

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This Masters thesis deals with the quest for legitimation, for authority - which can take on many forms depending on the individual who is searching. For Martin Winckler, physician and writer, writing becomes the context and the motivator of his search. Writing - traces in a tangible space fills the void of the missing authenticity this man longs for in his drive to write, his urge to tell his story. In studying the relationship between Marc Zaffran, Martin Winckler and the fictitious character Bruno Sachs, there will be an opportunity to discover the presence of writing - a presence that carries within it that which the writer covets the most: the authority to write. Moreover, while studying Martin Winckler's three novels La Vacation, La Maladie de Sachs, and Les Trois médecins within the framework of his autobiographical works Légendes and Plumes D'Ange, this dissertation will have as its goal the discovery of "writing" as an independent agent. It is a presence that shows itself in different ways in the texts. yet unites as a whole to become the manifestation of its own legitimate authority. This thesis will begin with an extensive introduction based on thorough research. The textual study of Martin Winckler's works will be founded on a close reading and a linguistic and semiological exploration of these texts, all the while relying on contemporary autobiography theory. The study of Martin Winckler's texts is the discovery of writing that seeks to be investigated and discovered in such a way as to include the close connection between the act of writing, the written word and the person who writes.



Legitimation, Authenticity