Health technology, quality and safety in a learning health system




Borycki, Elizabeth
Kushniruk, Andre

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Healthcare Management Forum


Health technology quality and safety is an important issue for health informatics (i.e. digital health) professionals. Health technologies have been used to (1) collect data that can be analyzed to improve the quality and safety of healthcare activities and (2) re-engineer and/or automate error-prone processes. Health technologies are also able to introduce new types of errors (i.e. technology-induced errors) and have been implicated in propagating errors across digital health ecosystems. To develop a learning health system, health technologies need to be considered in terms of how they can improve the quality and safety of health activities traditionally carried out by humans (patients and health professionals) and also how the technology’s quality and safety can be improved. This paper outlines how this can be done by integrating evidence from health informatics research into practice using a learning health systems approach.




Borycki, E. M. & Kushniruk, A. W. (2022). “Health technology, quality and safety in a learning health system.” Healthcare Management Forum, 0(0), 1-7.