DSMC and R13 Modeling of the Adiabatic Surface




Mohammadzadeh, Alireza
Rana, Anirudh
Struchtrup, Henning

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International Journal of Thermal Sciences


Adiabatic wall boundary conditions for rarefied gas flows are described with the isotropic scattering model. An appropriate sampling technique for the direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method is presented, and the corresponding macroscopic boundary equations for the regularized 13-moment system (R13) are obtained. DSMC simulation of a lid driven cavity shows slip at the wall, which, as a viscous effect, creates heat that enters the gas while there is no heat flux in the wall. Analysis with the macroscopic equations and their boundary conditions reveals that this heat flux is due to viscous slip heating, and is the product of slip velocity and shear stress at the adiabatic surface. DSMC simulations of the driven cavity with adiabatic walls are compared to R13 simulations, which both show this non-linear effect in good agreement for Kn < 0.3.



Kinetic theory, DSMC, R13, Boundary condition, Adiabatic surface


Mohammadzadeh, A., , Rana, Anirudh., & Struchtrup, H. (2016). International Journal of Thermal Sciences 101, p. 9-23.