L’impact sur l’usage des recommandations officielles de la France et du Québec dans le domaine de l’informatique : Étude de l’implantation terminologique




Saint, Elizabeth C.

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This thesis examines the degree to which computer science terminology as recommended by the official language planning organizations of France (Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France) and Quebec (Office québécois de la langue française) is integrated in business communication language. While the study of terminology implantation has been determined in peer-reviewed literature as being crucial to language planners in order to verify the successful use of their own recommendations, only a small number of studies have been undertaken in this field over the last few decades. Incorporating and adapting the terminometrics protocol created by Jean Quirion (2000), we investigate the degree of implantation of official terms for computer peripherals in comparison to other French and English synonyms inside a corpus constituted of webpages of international information technology (IT) companies. Our study reveals how the distinct language policy of France and Quebec, due to different historical, sociological and political events, may influence the scope of their action on language use.



terminologie, terminology, linguistics, linguistique, France, Office québécois de la langue française, OQLF, Délégation générale à la langue française, DGLF, implantation terminologique, recommandation linguistique, language policy, politique linguistique, Jean Quirion, langue française, French language, terminométrie, terminometrics, termes officiels, FranceTerme, Grand dictionnaire terminologique, GDT