Dendroarchaeological and contextual investigations of remote log structures in Jasper, Banff, and Kootenay national parks, Canada




Brelsford, Karen Jacqueline.

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The aim of this thesis is to undertake a comprehensive dendroarchaeological-contextual investigation of 35 sites (44 log structures) in Jasper, Banff, and Kootenay National Parks. Through tree-ring analysis and investigations of relevant documents (i.e., archives and interviews), three main objectives are met: 1) an architectural inventory and tree-ring analysis of sampled structures in the three parks; 2) an exploration of remote construction activity in the three parks, in terms of functional, temporal, and spatial distributions, and tree species selection; and 3) a detailed dendroarchaeological-contextual investigation of three structure case studies. The results provide new insights into remote construction activity from the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth century in the three parks. It assists Parks Canada in their attempt to interpret the cultural heritage resources of this area and contributes to the international need to document and explore vernacular architecture.