A microscopic traffic model considering time headway and distance headway




Ali, Faryal
Khan, Zawar Hussain
Altamimi, Ahmed B.
Khattak, Khurram Shehzad
Gulliver, Thomas Aaron

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Applied Sciences


A microscopic traffic model is presented which employs differences in velocity to characterize driver behavior. The Intelligent Driver (ID) model is based on an acceleration constant which cannot capture different traffic conditions. Further, it is not based on traffic physics and so can produce inaccurate results. The proposed model is an improved ID model and both are evaluated on a 2000 m circular road. The results obtained show that the proposed model can appropriately characterize traffic flow and density. Further, the variations in flow and velocity are smoother than with the ID model. This is because the proposed model is based on actual traffic parameters rather than an unrealistic traffic exponent.



velocity difference, microscopic traffic flow, acceleration constant, Intelligent Driver (ID) model


Ali, F., Khan, Z. H., Altamimi, A. B., Khattak, K. S., & Gulliver, T. A. (2023). A microscopic traffic model considering time headway and distance headway. Applied Sciences, 13(12), 7234. https://doi.org/10.3390/app13127234