A Checklist of Biographical and Critical Materials for the Period 1965 -1987 on Jack Marlowe Wise, R.C.A.




Cummings, Stephen

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Item consists of a 16 page listing of biographical and critical materials on painter Jack Wise (1928-1996) compiled by Stephen Cummings, for the period 1965 - 1987. Jack Wise was an artist, calligrapher, poet and teacher, born April 27, 1928. Wise, along with Lin Chien-Shih, Emily Carr, and Mark Tobey, is identified with the Pacific Northwest School of Abstract Calligraphic Painting, which combined American abstract expressionism with Asian calligraphic tradition and Buddhist philosophy. Wise is also linked to the West Coast Surrealists, or Hermetics, who included Gary Lee-Nova, Gregg Simpson and Ed Varney.


The listing consists of the following headings: [brief biography]; exhibition catalogues; journals and books; newspaper reviews and notices; other; reproductions and photographs; indices to exhibitions and cities; and chronological sequence of entries.


Wise, Jack, 1928-1996, Wise, Jack, 1928-1996--Exhibitions., Painters--Canada