A picture of Koh Phrathong: An exploration of change in the environment and in communities on the Andaman Coast of Thailand




Bennett, Nathan
Dearden, Phil

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Project IMPAACT, Marine Protected Areas Research Group, University of Victoria


Community members in Ban Lions and Ban Tapae Yoi were asked by our team of researchers to participate in a Photovoice process1 to explore social changes in the community and changes in the marine environment. A workshop was held in the community to instruct people on the use of underwater digital cameras and to learn about the photovoice process. Participants spent two weeks taking photos during July and August of 2011. Afterwards, the photographs were printed and interviews were conducted to have participants explain the stories behind the pictures. The photovoice process on Koh Phrathong was part of a broader research project that focuses on conservation of the marine environment, local livelihoods, and climate change across the Andaman coast of Thailand as part of Project IMPAACT




Bennett, N. & Dearden, P. (2012). A Picture of Koh Phrathong: An Exploration of Change in the Environment and in Communities on the Andaman Coast of Thailand. Report prepared for Project IMPAACT, Marine Protected Areas Research Group, University of Victoria. 72 pages.