Practicalities of implementing open pedagogy in higher education




Paskevicius, Michael
Irvine, Valerie

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Smart Learning Environments


This paper presents findings from a study which explored the ways in which postsecondary educators in British Columbia are reforming their teaching and learning practice as result of open education. Using a phenomenological approach with selfidentifying open education practitioners we explore how openness is being enacted through learning design. Structuration theory is used as a theoretical lens to explore innovations to pedagogy through three modalities, which include facilities, norms, and interpretive schemes. The analysis identifies how participants in this study draw upon these modalities to support openness in their teaching. The findings suggest that open educational resources and practices can support learner-centered educational designs and should be considered design technologies, those that have the capacity to enhance teaching and learning practice; rather than simply content delivery technologies, those that influence the cost and access to education.



Open educational practices, Open pedagogy, Learning design, Open and networked learning, Technology integrated learning, Digital literacy


Paskevicius, M. & Irvine, V. (2019). Practicalities of implementing open pedagogy in higher education. Smart Learning Environments, 6(23), 1-20. h 019-0110-5.