Context Mediated Usability Testing




Kuziemsky, Craig E.
Kushniruk, Andre

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Studies in Health Technology and Informatics


Usability testing is an important part of health information technology HIT design. However, usability issues will vary by the contexts where a system is used. To date there are few studies that have described contextual factors of usability testing. This paper uses a case study of a surgical information system to develop a model of four contextual categories that impact usability testing. We discuss each of the contexts in detail and then suggest how they can be used to develop a general framework to enable better understanding of the role of context in usability testing and evaluation of HIT.



Usability testing, context, evaluation, health information technology


Kuziemsky, C.E. & Kushniruk, A. (2014). Context mediated usability testing. In Lovis, C., Séroussi, B., Hasman, A., Pape-Haugaard, L., Saka, O. & Andersen, S.K. (Eds.), Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Volume 205: e-Health—For Continuity of Care (pp.905-909). Amsterdam, NL: IOS Press.