Knowledge-based features for speech analysis and classification: pronunciation diagnosis




Liu, Lichuan
Li, Wei
Morris, Sherrill
Zhuang, Mutian

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Accurate pronunciation of speech sounds is essential in communication. As children learn their native language, they refine the movements necessary for intelligible speech. While there is variability in the order of acquisition of speech sounds, there are some sounds that are more complex and are later developing. The rhotic /r/ is a later-developing sound in English, and some children require intervention to achieve accurate production. Additionally, individuals learning English as a second language may have difficulty learning accurate /r/ production, especially if their native language does not have an /r/, or the /r/ they produce is at a different place of articulation. The goal of this research is to provide a novel approach on how a knowledge-based intelligence program can provide immediate feedback on the accuracy of productions. In the proposed approach, the audio signals will first be detected, after which features of audio signals will be extracted, and finally, knowledge-based intelligent classification will be performed. Based on the obtained knowledge and application scenarios, novel features are proposed and used to classify various speaker scenarios.



speech signal, pronunciation, knowledge, analysis, classification, features, feedback


Liu, L., Li, W., Morris, S., & Zhuang, M. (2023). Knowledge-based features for speech analysis and classification: Pronunciation diagnoses. Electronics, 12(9), 2055.